Current Courses

Principles of Evolution [BIOL481/681] (Syllabus, Class Science Outreach Blog): Patterns and processes of evolutionary change are used to explore the unifying principles of the biological sciences. Basic models of population genetics, quantitative genetics, development, phylogenetics and systematics are used to build a conceptual framework for study of living systems.

Teaching Philosophy:

Both of my parents were high school teachers and they showed me that I must take an active role helping students understand the challenge of a new subject. As a committed teacher I want most of all to help my students learn how to think about complex problems in biology and how to apply their analytical skills to larger issues they will face as citizens. Thus my goal in teaching at all levels is to give students the tools they need to apply their new knowledge to other advanced subjects.

I want my students to gain the ability to think critically and to use the scientific method to analyze problems and then to draw logical conclusions.

Accomplishing this goal requires that I teach my students how to break down a problem, how to critically analyze data, and how to come up with an answer supported by evidence. When students acquire analytical skills to solve problems, they gain the ability to apply what they have learned to new problems and come up with creative solutions. This is what I strive to help my students to achieve.