Book discussions

Recent Evolutionary Biology book discussions

The Adaptive Landscape in Evolutionary Biology edited by Erik Svensson and Ryan Calsbeek

adaptive_landscape_book_coverThe ‘Adaptive Landscape’ has been a central concept in population genetics and evolutionary biology since this powerful metaphor was first formulated by Sewall Wright in 1932. This volume brings together prominent historians of science, philosophers, ecologists, and evolutionary biologists, with the aim of discussing the state of the art of the Adaptive Landscape from several different perspectives. Reading schedule Fall 2012

Evolution: The Extended Synthesis edited by Pigliucci and Müller

exsynrgIn 2008, 16 biologists and philosophers of science converged in Altenberg, Austria to discuss the future of evolutionary theory. Two years later, they present their ideas in the form of an edited volume. Evolution recently published a review of the book (Travis 2011) which provides a nice summary. Reading schedule Spring 2011