Funding Opportunities

If you have interest in working with me on research projects, please contact me. There are many funding opportunities at UAF for undergraduate research:

Current Students

  • Tracie Haan – Heavy Metal toloreance (BLaST Project Award recipient)
  • Anastasia Butler – Ancient DNA and Invasive Bird Vetch (URSA Award recipient)
  • Alexandra Keller – Plant-Microbe interactions (URSA Project Award recipient)

Past Students

  • Jackson Drew: B.S. Biological Sciences at UAF
  • Maddie McCarthy – Antibiotic Resistance in modern and ancient soils (BLaST Project Award recipient)
  • Alex Wynne – Methanogens in permafrost associated soils (URSA Project Award recipient)
  • Jason Foreman
  • Patrick Knavel
  • Patrick Smith