There is a need to communicate beyond the ivory towers of our institutions.  I think that is a worthy goal and a necessary component of doing science especially on a publically funded project. I believe that the greater use of science blogs and wikis is also a vital part of this communication.  Making the science we do as public as we can is an important part of public outreach.  We need to make sure that our science and how we do it is freely available to the public and our peers. What better way to help educate people about what we do then do show them the process too.  There was a fantastic article by Batts et al (2008) about blogging and other web based resources worth a looking up.

In terms of my own personal response to making my science accessible, I have maintained an active academic website of my research. As part of a journal club that I managed in graduate school, Coevolvers, I turned to blogging about our discussions (http://coevolvers.blogspot.com/ ).  That blog continues to expose science students to research topics on coevolution.  As a more academic goal, it can facilitate discussion between lab groups which focus on species interactions or coevolution.  Graduate education consists not only of building a solid research program but also developing connections within the scientific community (e.g. attendance of scientific meetings). Don’t take my word for it, see what NSF has to say:


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