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Antibiotic resistance in a permafrost thaw gradient

Maddie McCarthy has been working for the past year in the lab exploring the presence of antibiotic resistance in microbes found in environmental samples. This week she presented her work finding widespread antibiotic resistance in a Fairbanks permafrost thaw gradient. 

Maddie McCarthy talking to Dr. Mary Beth Leigh at the Midnight Sun Science Symposium

She used a combination of techniques including traditional culturing methods and antibiotic screening as well as nanopore sequencing to explore the resistome. She has just started comparing her sequencing data with the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance database.

(photo credit: Anne-Lise Ducluzeau)

Maddie’s work was supported by Alaska BLaST who is funded by the National Institute Of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Numbers UL1GM118991, TL4GM118992, or RL5GM118990.

MinION Meeting

Devin is heading out to the Oxford Nanopore New York Community meeting this week to learn from the community as well as present on the Alaska MinION Hackathons. You can follow along with the action on Twitter below:

Pilot Launch!

The IAB Greenhouse pilot project is in full bloom…well, more accurately we are waiting for germination…but regardless! With the help of some wonderful undergraduates, Alex Keller and Jason Foreman, blueberry and cranberry seeds have happy, experimental homes tucked safely away in soil inoculate from FPES. Cannot wait to see what secrets these saplings will reveal.